NSF S&CC 2019 Annual PI Meeting

2018 Meeting

The University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering is pleased to present the inaugural NSF Smart & Connected Communities PI Meeting, organized on behalf of the National Science Foundation. Held in conjunction with the Smart Cities Connect Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, the PI Meeting will take place on Monday, March 26, and Tuesday, March 27.

Advances in the effective integration of networked information systems, sensing and communication devices, data sources, decision making, and physical infrastructure are transforming society, allowing cities and communities to surmount deeply interlocking physical, social, behavioral, economic, and infrastructural challenges. These novel sociotechnical approaches enable increased understanding of how to intelligently and effectively design, adapt, and manage Smart and Connected Communities (SCC). Successful SCC solutions demand demonstration of marked improvement (quantifiable evidence) of the stakeholder experience – whether in personal quality of life, community and environmental health, social well-being, educational achievement, or overall economic growth and stability. Research in SCC must pursue transformative discoveries through a long-term research agenda that also includes innovation off-ramps along the way. This PI meeting will allow PIs and graduate students in social and behavioral sciences, engineering, computer science, and built environments to interact with community partners in order to disseminate project objectives and foster collaborations.


The keynote will be presented by Peter Norton, associate professor of history in the Department of Engineering and Society at the University of Virginia.


You can view all presentations made at the meeting.

You can download the brief agenda as a PDF.

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